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Contact us.


Do you offer internships?

Internship opportunities are posted to our job board as they become available. You can view any job opportunities on our studio page.

Are you offering tours of the studio?

Currently, we do not offer tours to the public. However, we regularly share updates and behind-the-scenes content on our official channels for you to get a glimpse of our workspace.

Do you offer distribution?

Yes, we offer distribution and consulting services tailored for independent animated short films, including strategic awards campaigns and film festival submissions. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to us below.

Can I send you a pitch?

We are not accepting unsolicited pitches at this time.

Do you consider commissioned projects?

Yes, we welcome commissioned projects. If you have a proposal or specific project in mind, we would be happy to hear more about it. Email with any information you can share about your project. We need to review the following when taking on new projects.

  • Creative Brief

  • Design and animation reference

  • Episode count & runtime per episode, runtime for short film(non-episodic), or commercial runtime

  • Schedule and budget goals


Please note that Sugar Animation Studios does not accept unsolicited pitches or scripts from external sources. Our internal teams are dedicated to generating and developing creative content aligned with our strategic vision. This policy is in place to prevent any potential legal or intellectual property issues and to maintain the integrity of our creative processes. We kindly request that you refrain from sending unsolicited materials. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Due to the amount of submissions we cannot reply to all messages.

Thanks for submitting!

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